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Talla 2xlc – Ragnaroek

RELEASEDATE: 2023-02-03
LABEL: That’s Trance (ZYX)

Talla 2XLC presents on That’s Trance his incredible uplifting trance anthem Ragnaroek. The well composed track successfully portrays with sonic landscapes the apocalyptic myths of Ragnaroek from Norway. It’s an epic euphoric moody trancer that is fiercely uplifting but at the same time dark and sinister. His well-established pumping energetic basslines are combined with thick punchy kicks and on the top aggressive synthy riffs and choir voices develop its intensity and suspense leading to the long thrilling atmospheric breakdown with mouthwatering cinematic violins and orchestral strings along with opera choir voices and spoken male vocals narrating the events of Ragnaroek. The buildup is cataclysmic bringing the highly energetic climax full of fantastic melodies, great epic synths and anthemic feel good sound for the ultimate hands in the air trance experience. Ragnaroek by Talla 2XLC successfully transcends your mind to another mythical place and is out now on That’s Trance.


Talla 2XLC  – A Dream Within a Dream

RELEASEDATE: 2023-01-20
LABEL: That’s Trance (ZYX)

Talla 2XLC despite his busy schedule manages always to produce magnificent tracks. His forthcoming solo single A Dream Within A Dream on That’s Trance is produced by the heart and soul of someone who adores Trance and knows how to focus his productions on the right elements. Thumping drums, metallic seismic basslines and bouncy solid groove ensure to push the track to its limits as we move on to the very confident breakdown with hair raising euphoric hands in the air melody that seems to originate from the sweaty raves of the 90’s. For the climax trance fans treated first class with that dark and sinister industrial melody working like a treat to deliver unforgettable memories on the trancefloors near you. The fans of the high quality uplifting instrumental epic trance have found another reason to be delighted curtesy of Talla 2XLC and his latest That’s Trance anthem A Dream Within A Dream.

Talla 2XLC & Dj Robyn – Endorpheme Express

RELEASEDATE: 2023-01-27
LABEL: Technoclub Retro

Technoclub Retro presents the remake of Talla 2XLC and DJ Robyn on the German trance classic Endorphene Express released on the legendary record label Deep Blue recordings back in 1999. The adorable new version adopts the classic uplifting trance sound with driving basslines, pulsating grooves and groovy kick with hints of the old school German trance sound to create the perfect foundation that lead us in the atmospheric breakdown that slowly unpacks the suspenseful addictive hair raising melody in small doses along with the classic male spoken vocal sample. The beats soon strike back for the anthemic hands in the air climax to reenergize your brain and tired from dancing body muscles. With influences from the Ibiza club trance sound this new version is perfectly remodeled for 2022 to please older and younger trancers. The reshaped Endorphene Express by Talla 2XLC and DJ Robyn is back on Technoclub Retro.

In-Depth Interviews with Talla 2XLC

German based producer, Andreas Tomalla, or as we know him, Talla 2XLC, has done a lot more than just produce amazing music for listeners worldwide. Click below to read more…

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