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News – Juli 2010 - Talla 2XLC - International DJ & Artist for Techno, Trance & Progressive Electronic Music

News – Juli 2010

Free iPhone App now available

Get mixes, Twitter news and a lot more on your iPhone or iPod touch

Finally the very first "Talla 2XLC" fan app for the iPhone and iPod touch is released - with Talla's favourite DJ mixes, news, tourdates, pics and a lot more. And the best of all: you can download and install the app for free!

Download and install the Talla 2XLC iPhone App

(Only for iPhone and iPod touch with IOS4 installed)

Endlich ist es soweit, die erste "Talla 2XLC" Fan App für das iPhone und den iPod touch ist ab sofort erhältlich - mit Talla's Lieblings-DJ-Sets, News, Tourdates, Fotos und vielem mehr. Und das beste daran: Die App ist völlig kostenlos!

Talla 2XLC iPhone App herunterladen und installieren

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Top 7

  1. Talla 2XLC
    It makes me Wonder
    Steve Allen Remix
  2. Exis
    The Ritual
  3. Talla 2XLC & Alessandra Roncone
  4. Jones & Stephenson
    The First Rebirth
    Talla 2XLC Remix
  5. Heavens Cry
  6. Indecent Noise ft. Jasmine Chloe
    Alive Tonight
  7. The Space Brothers
    Jorn von Deynhoven Remix

Tetsuo Podcast

Tetsuo Podcast with Talla 2XLC Talla mixes a one hour podcast every month presenting his favourite trance, electro and progressive tunes.

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