News – September 2009

In the mix

In the mix - Talla´s successful podcast show....

With a production and tour schedule like Talla’s, it's a wonder that he’s still able to make time to record his radio shows every month.

With shows appearing on DI.FM, and AH.FM, numerous guest appearances and his monthly show on Sunshine Live, Talla’s also been able to find time to setup a podcast.

Last year Talla created the “Tetsuo podcast”, and since its conception, has acquired almost 50,000 subscribers across the globe, and has had a staggering 179,000 downloads.

Not only do we have the usual suspects visiting from the Americas, but also in the furthest reaches of the world in places such as Afghanistan, Siberia, Lebanon, Kenya, Indonesia, Greenland, Chile, Hawai and even Mongolia, are all grooving out to the sounds of Talla 2XLC. 

To subscribe to Talla’s podcast simply go to:

So as you can see, the world is listening into Talla and Talla returns the support by providing the very best music on his labels, in his productions, and online in his radio shows and podcasts.

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Top 7

  1. Talla 2XLC & Pablo Anon
    Force of Nature
  2. Talla 2XLC
  3. Zyrus 7
  4. Jorn Van Deynhoven
    Rising High
  5. Zyce, Zyrus 7
  6. Steve Allen
    The World
  7. Darren Porter, KATHERINE AMY
    Let it burn
    (Extended Mix)

Tetsuo Podcast

Tetsuo Podcast with Talla 2XLC Talla mixes a one hour podcast every month presenting his favourite trance, electro and progressive tunes.

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