News – Mai 2009

Talla 2XLC remixes Depeche Mode!!

Hello Friends,
This May, Depeche Mode has started a remixcontest for their song "Peace". As i support Depeche Mode since Day one, it was more than natural laying my hands on "peace". I´m pretty excited about the remix. If you like it too, please give me your vote!
Its easy to vote, just log in at beatport (or if you are new to beatport, register first and log in then). Follow my link and click on "spin" once. "Spin" is like a vote. You can "spin" only once.
thats the link to my remix:
and if you need to hear the original to compare:
Thanks for your vote
p.s. for beatport users:  Beatportal belongs to beatport, so it uses the same logins.
p.s.2: spread the word , copy this news and mail it to all your friends!

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