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News – Mai 2009 - Talla 2XLC - International DJ & Artist for Techno, Trance & Progressive Electronic Music

News – Mai 2009


It's going to be another hyper-hectic couple of months in the life of Herr 2XLC. Time to get caught-up with the German trance pioneer's forthcomings we-thinks!

First out of the hatch and booming plenty-large from a speaker stack near you soon is his new single Salvation. With a palpably euphoric edge to the original and 2XLC mixes, it also comes complete with a melodic/harmonic flavored remix turn from TNR. The vinyl's out at the end of this month with the digital hitting at the start of June. Over at the remix end of the mixing desk he's also just tied the bow on his reconfiguration of Washington-based duo's Majai (whose last track Phoria on Tetsuo was smashed by Tiesto, Armin, and PVD).

Talla's Technoclub compilations hit a landmark with their next release, which is already well advanced down its production pipeline. The 30th installment (is there any other DJ can claim such a long-running comp series?!) will feature Aly & Fila guesting on the 2nd disc and lest you'd not come across it yet, No.29 (with Giuseppe Ottaviani at the co-controls) is already out and about!

Talking Technoclub, he'll be taking the club night out onto the waves early next month as he sets sail about the good ship Monday Bar. The Swedish club whose sea-bound activities have become something of latter day clubbing legend have turned over an entire deck to Talla for the Friday night of their June cruise. He has crewed his floor with an appropriately high-profile DJ contingent, including Sied van Riel, John O'Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Scot Project, Robert Burian & Yoji Biomehanika and you can get tickets direct from the website. If you want to get your Talla info even more up-to-the-minute, he has joined the Twitter ranks and is currently updating with all his innermost thoughts! You can find him at twitter.com/realtalla2xlc.

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    The First Rebirth
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    Alive Tonight
  7. The Space Brothers
    Jorn von Deynhoven Remix

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