News – August 2017

Talla 2XLC & Pablo Anon

Force of Nature - Release 28.08.2017

Critical State is proud to welcome back Trance Legend Talla 2XLC with his latest collaboration with Pablo Anon. 'Force of Nature' delivers a progressive tech trance old feel dressed up with a modern twist.

Powerful baselines are complemented with acid call and responses and morphing arps, continually building into points of tension resolved by gated main riffs and tech drops which keep #CriticalArmy Zealots tuned for more.

This 'Force of Nature' will surprise you and make you look for shelter; Be prepared for the post eye of the storm!

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    Force of Nature
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    Rising High
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  6. Steve Allen
    The World
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    Let it burn
    (Extended Mix)

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Tetsuo Podcast with Talla 2XLC Talla mixes a one hour podcast every month presenting his favourite trance, electro and progressive tunes.

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