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News – November 2014 - Talla 2XLC - International DJ & Artist for Techno, Trance & Progressive Electronic Music

News – November 2014

30 Years of Technoclub

30 YEARS of TECHNOCLUB...say it slowly and think about ...30 unbelievable years of electronic music.

I was sitting down the beginning of year and thought, we need to do a birthday which has to be like never made before. So, you can experience something very very unique. On december 28th 2014 - start 10pm 30 YEARS OF TECHNOCLUB Three decades - 4 Floors: 80s the roots where electronic clubbing really begun 90?s techno - raw, hard and rhythmic 90?s trance?n?rave with some of the biggest headliners 2000?s now and future .. how we party today The place will be "moon13", the former cocoon club, a legendary place in frankfurt/main city, owned formerly by sven vaeth, and now for one special night our bday arena We have the biggest TC Lineup ever, headliners like "Marusha", "Kai Tracid", "Rank1", "Nalin & Kane", "Sunbeam" to nowadays Trancers "RAM", "Jorn van Deynhoven", "Manuel LeSaux"! From 80?s Heroes like "Patrick Codenys of FRONT242" to Techno Legends "Marc Acardipane (PCP) and many more. A fantastic "once in a Lifetime" Lineup in a fantastic Location. With live broadcast by sunshine Live radio and filming by kidson media from sweden The Presales are running (just 20?) and people from all over the world are coming, and so should you. Abendkasse/Cashatdoor is 25 Euro. For all infos about the event, we?ve prepared a special website, you can see what, who, where and how. this is the site: www.welovetechnoclub.com this is the fb eventpage: http://bit.ly/30yearsoftechnoclub See you on december 28th!

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  1. Talla 2XLC
    It makes me Wonder
    Steve Allen Remix
  2. Exis
    The Ritual
  3. Talla 2XLC & Alessandra Roncone
  4. Jones & Stephenson
    The First Rebirth
    Talla 2XLC Remix
  5. Heavens Cry
  6. Indecent Noise ft. Jasmine Chloe
    Alive Tonight
  7. The Space Brothers
    Jorn von Deynhoven Remix

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Tetsuo Podcast with Talla 2XLC Talla mixes a one hour podcast every month presenting his favourite trance, electro and progressive tunes.

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