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Cover: Talla 2XLC meets Menno de Jong

New Mix CD

Technoclub Volume 48
Talla 2XLC meets Menno de Jong

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Cover: Eternal Rhapsody

New Single

Talla 2XLC
Eternal Rhapsody

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Top 7

  1. Talla 2XLC
    Eternal Rhapsody
    Ode to Marino Remix
  2. Mr. Probz, Armin van Buuren
    Another You
    Ronski Speed Remix
  3. Rene Ablaze
    Talla 2XLC Remix
  4. Airscape vs Peetu S
    Original Mix
  5. Talla 2XLC
    The Spring Is My Love
    Indecent Noise Remix
  6. Bryan Kearney
    Wake Up Call
    Original Mix
  7. Mind X & Talla 2XLC
    The Gate
    Club Mix

Tetsuo Podcast

Tetsuo Podcast with Talla 2XLC Talla mixes a one hour podcast every month presenting his favourite trance, electro and progressive tunes.

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