Roots Of Electronic Music

There are DJ’s that play music, there are DJ’s that perform, and then there is Talla 2XLC. From the moment he enters the stage, the epic sounds of Talla, combined with his masterful technique of building a journey, is second to none. Whether at the club or making an appearance at some of the biggest dance festivals and venues around the globe, Talla has the ability to grab the crowd, and take them to a whole other dimension.
Talla belongs to an elite group of DJ’s that few artists can claim to belong to, those attributed to contributing to the birth of dance music, and over his career, Talla 2XLC’s productions, remixes and compilations are well into the hundreds, and at one point, was running 8 labels out of his home base in Germany.
His labels “Suck me Plasma” and “Tetsuo” were renowned worldwide for their heart pounding, bass kicking dance sounds and have inspired artists and DJ’s around the globe. Through these vehicles, Talla paved the way for today’s group of Trance superstars of which Talla surely belongs.

Defining Trance

Talla 2XLC live on air:

Talla mixing in a radio show

You can catch Talla live every month on any of his massive radio shows:
His monthly show at Germanys “sunshine-live” every second thursday, reaching more than 150.000 people. At he appears the first Wednesday on the Trance channel. Tune in into his regular monthly "Airport Sessions" show on AH.FM, (first Friday of the month). And, of course, he has started his new series "Tetsuo Podcast" filled with all nice various styles of trance, electro and progressive. (look at the postcast banner)

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